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I appreciate that the MBTA's newly voted fare hikes are not as comprehensively gouging as they could have been, but it's a kind of negative appreciation. The system needs real money and it needs to come out of the state, not the ridership. I am one of the people who doesn't have a car in Boston; I shouldn't feel penalized for not contributing to the congestion of the streets and the atmosphere. Or for not being able to bike everywhere, rain, snow, or shine. Five miles is walking radius for me, but sometimes I am sick or exhausted or carrying groceries and sometimes I have a lot farther to travel. I really wanted a governor who cared about public transit. Dammit, ethical artichoke.
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The other pertinent fact about today is that it was the fifth birthday of our wonderful catlets, whom we fed on salmon treats and made much of, for they have enriched our lives ever since they were tiny black soot sprites with tadpole spikes of tail. They purr and they prowl and they groom and they sleep; Autolycus watches movies with me; Hestia sings her songs of hunting the toilet paper. Every day in our house is better with cats in it. Many more, little cats!

(Birthday blep courtesy of Autolycus.)
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