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Oh, listen—you eclipse them

The other pertinent fact about today is that it was the fifth birthday of our wonderful catlets, whom we fed on salmon treats and made much of, for they have enriched our lives ever since they were tiny black soot sprites with tadpole spikes of tail. They purr and they prowl and they groom and they sleep; Autolycus watches movies with me; Hestia sings her songs of hunting the toilet paper. Every day in our house is better with cats in it. Many more, little cats!

(Birthday blep courtesy of Autolycus.)
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[personal profile] spatch 2019-03-13 04:06 am (UTC)(link)
Kittens of Destiny have become Cats of Legend and they have the bleps to prove it.
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Many scritchies on their fuzzy earsies and under their chins, as well as much petting of velvety black fur, as sent from a nerdlady in Wisconsin, please. :) Many, many more years of happy life, kittynesses.

Sweet Labrador icon, because he never had a mean word to say to cats. A curious sniff or two, but he respected kitty 'back off' signals.
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I was the indirect cause of both a happy cat flop and purring? Yay! :D

That dog was the best dog ever, even when he was getting up to something. I'm biased.
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Happy kitty birthdays!
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[personal profile] asakiyume 2019-03-13 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday, blessed black cats!

Autolycus seems to have enjoyed his salmon.
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we have to remind him that we do not eat plastic in this house --I am going to hold off making morose plastic-pollution comments and instead say how much more quickly the huge floating plastic island might disappear if only we all **did** eat plastic.

And that happy, happy porcupine--love that. (ETA: I know you didn't link to the video--I just remember it.)
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Your use of the word tadpole reminds me of a sea-story I recently saw that seems like it might amuse you:

Oh, and while I'm sharing amusing links, here's a story about a loved and loving animal:
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Awwww. What a good. Many years of cats ahead!
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Happy birthday, kitties!
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(At this point I am sort of drive-by petting them each time a comment comes in, but they seem cool with it. Appreciation is appreciation.)

In light of that, how can I do anything but wish them a happy birthday and another drive-by petting?
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Seconded! Happy birthday, Hestia and Autolycus, and many more to come!
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Happy birthday to those softest of shadows, Dr. Autolycus and Dr. Hestia!

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Happy birthday kitties!

I love your description of their kittenhood.
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Aw, happy birthday to them!
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[personal profile] a_reasonable_man 2019-03-13 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday to those little ones, whom I remember well!
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Happy birthday to two marvelous little black familiars! They are such delightful sleek soft beasties.
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A belated happy birthday wish and scritches to your splendid beasties!
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Good cattens!

I appreciate knowing that they were spiky soot sprites when you got them.
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Happy birthday to two adorable cats! Autolycus's blep is very admirable.