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Posted by Raphael Orlove

Tesla is adamant that its cars are significantly less likely to catch fire than your average car, as Reuters reports, but that still hasn’t kept a surveillance video from spreading worldwide, showing a Tesla Model S bursting into flame and all but disappearing, Spinal Tap-style, in a parking garage reportedly in…


Dream; One Man Show

2019-04-22 06:39
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Dreamed I went to see a one man show starring Jesus. I don't remember anything about the show itself but before it started I remember for some reason Jesus needed to borrow my underwear before it started. It was basically dinner theater so before it started Jesus brought us in to sit in small groups at tables, and I was telling elaborate lies to the folks I was sitting with.

I sort of wish I remembered the performance itself. Afterwards when I went to see him in his office he returned my underwear and suggested a plot for Empty Sky that at the time seemed perfect for solving some problem but the suggestion was basically to have Robin locked in a magical hope chest that drained him to strengthen his doppelganger.

Upon waking I have no idea what problems that was meant to be a solution for, nor do I remember why Jesus needed my underwear.
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Posted by Patrick George

Generally speaking, BMW tends to be better than most automakers at translating its concept cars into production cars. That the BMW i8 exists at all is proof of this. So after a few years of missing out on cool Mini concepts—looking at you, Superleggera Vision and Rocketman—it’s good to see the upcoming 2020 Mini John…


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Who knew Eldritch Jolene was a thing? Well, probably many of you, but it was brand new to me, so. Someone (and by someone, I mean a large fannish roundrobin, in the best fannish tradition) has produced a new version of Jolene, where the endless description of her slowly fleshes out into an Eldritch abomination. Fandom being what it is, there are also two glorious sung versions: standard POV and victim's POV

I'm 1) in love with this beyond all reason, and 2) heartbroken that it's probably ineligible for Yuletide as it's a fan-produced work. I desperately need more! Who knew Parton and Lovecraft were so well matched??

Painfully Honest Cakes

2019-04-22 13:01
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Posted by Jen

Remember, kids, if you can't say anything nice...

...say it with cake.


Today is National Honesty Day, but before you go dropping those truth bombs, let's take a look at some ways you can be completely honest but still somewhat polite:

And my personal favorite:

Only works with Angelas, though.

I just realized if you read those three together, you get a short poem:

"You are tolerable.
You are slightly above average.
You are Angela."

I like it.


If you can be a little more effusive, there's also this option for a completely honest compliment:

"And hey, I mean that."


But let's be honest: 99% of the people you know are total jerkfaces, and the only reason we say nice things on their cakes is because it's their birthday and we want cake.

So here's a compromise: start with "happy birthday," and then throw in a little truth:



See, the exclamation mark makes it chipper!


The misspelling will confuse everyone long enough for us to make a run for it.


If you'd rather avoid all that conflict, though, then how about a general statement that everyone can agree on?



Thanks to Nichelle O., Gina G., Kristin S., Kitzy C., Joan A., Sarah C., Liz M., Doug K., & Michele D. for spouting off.


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Poetry: A Wilde Cinquain

2019-04-22 09:06
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A Wilde Cinquain

Wilde sips
well sculpted lips
dripping verse, timeless quips,
partaking of fruit, flesh and pips
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I was thinking about the cinquain yesterday [like you do]. So, here are two by Adelaide Crapsey, who invented the form. I think the first is more powerful, though the second is more (perhaps her most?) popular. I think any woman of a certain age knows the feeling of looking down and seeing your mother's hands attached to your own arms.

Amaze by Adelaide Crapsey

I know
Not these my hands
And yet I think there was
A woman like me once had hands
Like these.

November Night by Adelaide Crapsey

Listen. .
With faint dry sound,
Like steps of passing ghosts,
The leaves, frost-crisp'd, break from the trees
And fall.
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Posted by Derek Lowe

Word came out just before the weekend (first at Endpoints) that GlaxoSmithKline is laying off R&D employees at both Stevenage (UK) and Upper Providence (US). Current leadership is re-organizing drug discovery efforts to put more emphasis on oncology, immunology and genetic-linked disease, and this moves seems linked to that. Reports are that overall R&D head count is supposed to increase as the strategy takes effect, but (as usual) it’s a lot easier to identify people and positions that don’t fit than it is to hire in people that you think do. John Carroll’s sources told him that chemistry is getting hit particularly hard in this round, actually. The number of re-thinks that GSK has been undergoing over the last few years seems to an outside observer to be impressive, but only in the glad-I’m-not-doing-that sense of the word.

And in other big-company news, you will have seen that it looks like the Bristol-Myers Squibb/Celgene deal is indeed going through after a shareholder vote. Management expects the deal to close in the third quarter of this year, which means, realistically, that productivity at both companies (and especially Celgene) will be taking a hit for all of 2019. Job cuts are surely coming at some point as a result of all this; it’s hard to see how it can be otherwise. But I see that the company’s CEO (Giovanni Caforio) is saying that they’ll be able to launch six new drugs in the next two years, now that they’re revving up to be such a powerhouse and all. But this is what CEOs always say after big mergers and acquisitions, and somehow the turbochargers don’t always seem to quite kick in according to plan. Well, he did throw a “potentially” into that sentence.

So for better or worse, that’s the company’s future. Looking back to its past, though, I’ve heard from ex-Connecticut sources that the main former R&D building in Wallingford is now the subject of a demolition permit. You don’t get much more end-of-an-era than that. But as someone whose first industrial research site is roughly the location of a Home Depot parking lot (and has been for some years now), I can tell you that old lab buildings themselves aren’t as important as the memories you’ve made in them and the things you’ve learned.

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Posted by Elizabeth Blackstock

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.


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Posted by Tercius on Kinja Deals, shared by Tercius to Jalopnik

Homeowners: you need a pressure washer, spend a few minutes Googling “satisfying pressure washing” or r/pressurewashingporn, and you’ll have your credit card out. And today, Amazon, Lowe’s and Home Depot are marking down a whole army of ‘em.


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Posted by Rob Emslie

With 220 horsepower on tap, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Taurus may not seem very super high output. Those ponies however, were really something back in the day. Let’s see if this SHO also comes with a super high price.


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I really liked Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends, which I read last year, so I was so impatient to get my hands on her new book, Normal People, that I splurged and pre-ordered an e-copy as an early graduation present for myself.

Overall it was very good, although apparently a bit forgettable because I devoured it in about a day and a half and now that I’m trying to sit down and write about it, I’m kind of... ???? about what even happened.

The plot follows two characters – working-class, popular Connell and wealthy but isolated Marianne, who’s bullied at school and at home – from their adolescence in a small town in rural Ireland to their university days at Trinity College in Dublin, where they find their social standing dramatically reversed. (Popularity-wise, not wealth-wise, although as Marianne’s friend at college he finds himself “rich-adjacent, someone for whom surprise birthday parties are thrown and cushy jobs are procured out of nowhere.”) They have a complicated, off-and-on relationship over the years— from 2011 to 2015, specifically, in the aftermath of and eventual recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, which implicitly but strongly colors the world of their young adulthood.

I liked how the story was told in a series of snapshots of pivotal moments in Connell and Marianne’s journey from acquaintances to not-quite-friends with benefits to friends (w/out benefits) to strangers to friends to lovers to etc., with time-jumps of weeks or months between them. It worked well for the story Rooney was trying to tell; Normal People is driven more by conversations between characters and their individual introspective musings than an actual plot.

My one nit to pick, which seems to be a general consensus in both Goodreads and various news sites’ reviews, is that the secondary characters are largely one-dimensional. Marianne’s brother Alan in particular is so cartoonishly cruel that, as a reader, I found him more exasperating than threatening. However, imo, the story is so much about Connell and Marianne’s relationship & respective growth that it only really felt like an issue a couple times when interactions with said characters turned them rather flat by association: like watching someone try to act to a cardboard cut-out. Read more... )

I did enjoy it, overall, though!
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