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2019-02-21 03:26
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Ariel Henly at the Washington Post:

Hollywood should know better: You can't tell evil just by looking.


Moviegoers are supposed to know that characters such as Scar in “The Lion King,” Freddy Krueger and Doctor Poison are evil simply by looking at them. And it’s an impression that lasts long after moviegoers leave the theater, conditioning the general public to fear individuals who, like me, have asymmetrical faces, burns or scars, and to believe that we are not worthy of equality, empathy and inclusion.

Andrew Todd at /Film:

Off the Deep End: ‘A Star is Born’ and Why the MPAA Needs to Include Depictions of Suicide in Its Ratings


Content warning: this article contains forthright descriptions of suicide and suicidal thoughts. It also contains spoilers for A Star is Born.
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Posted by Associated Press

Pope Francis has warned bishops and religious superiors summoned to a landmark sex abuse prevention summit that the Catholic faithful around the world are demanding more than just condemnation of the crimes but concrete action to put an end to the scandal
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Masterlist of Dandelion posts

Time for the grumpy tsundere rabbit who likes romance novels!

Overall I really liked this. They were trying to wallow in tsundere tropes and critique them at the same time, and it didn't always 100% work, but was still really fun.

Content notes: Abusive parents, unfortunate (but thankfully brief) portrayals of disability and crossdressing

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Thursday 21/02/2019

2019-02-21 09:32
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1) getting things done at work

2) going to buy tea for at work during lunch break

3) real early night in!

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