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I am sick again! I really resent it! [personal profile] spatch started coughing and then I started coughing and then it hurt too much to swallow all night. I was really looking forward to being able to sing without congestion again. Maybe it will be a bug of brief duration. I had an immune system once that mostly attacked things that weren't me.

I dreamed I went to see a movie set during the American Revolution and spent most of it internally screaming because there were ballistae at the Siege of Boston and the field of battle was the contemporary landfill of Dorchester Heights as opposed to the eighteenth-century peninsula. This must be how medievalists feel all the time.

Festivids has generated a magnificent, as yet anonymous vid for Yoon Ha Lee's Ninefox Gambit (2016), called simply "Ninefox." It's a wonderful visual poem of the novel, complete with geese and green onions and faction symbolism and jeng-zhai. I want to see some of the source media and I want to see a good adaptation of these books. I kind of fancast Jedao once already.

I didn't know Albania had a Jewish museum before [personal profile] shewhomust linked about it. I like knowing.

Today is for laundry and groceries, I think.
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Yoon Ha Lee has written me a story: "Cheris and the Sea." It is a late birthday present: seven interludes in the life of a mathematician and an element, on different planets, in different times.

I feel physically awful.

Emotionally, I'm pretty great right now.

The transient calligraphy strokes of fish flashed beneath the water, sometimes dark, sometimes silver-bright.
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