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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-01-27 10:55 pm

There is water at the bottom of the ocean

Yoon Ha Lee has written me a story: "Cheris and the Sea." It is a late birthday present: seven interludes in the life of a mathematician and an element, on different planets, in different times.

I feel physically awful.

Emotionally, I'm pretty great right now.

The transient calligraphy strokes of fish flashed beneath the water, sometimes dark, sometimes silver-bright.
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That is a marvellous gift. No wonder you're elated.


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I feel physically awful.

Emotionally, I'm pretty great right now.

Well, I'm glad for one out of the two! And a story is an awesome present. I hope that the physical side of things starts to match up a bit more, though! <3
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Saints come out of the sea. So do gods and evil kings- in fact most things when you come to think of it....
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What a lovely sea-story present!

I wish there were a Muse of Health that I could invoke for you.
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Back when I played D&D, my principal character was a healer who worshiped Asklepios. Of course, as he traveled on quests with warriors battling monsters and evil doers, most of his healing experience involved fixing major trauma, but I'd bet he'd be able come with some potion for you with red dragon blood in it. You'd take a gulp, your irises would turn crimson colored and your pupils slit-shaped for a second steam briefly whistled out of your nose and ears, and then you'd return to normal, feeling all better.
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The ones that would fall from your eyes? Sure!