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I have no idea why the car double-parked directly beneath my office window is blasting classical guitar at half past midnight, but I'm honestly really enjoying it. Usually the music people blast from their cars is much more bass-heavy. This is remarkably soothing. [edit] And someone from the next house over called the cops on it. Dammit.

(There is not much to report about today: it was the kind of unromantically exhausted, brain-AWOL sick day where mostly I coughed a lot and stared into space and did very little of practical use, which I hate, although I did manage to bake a loaf of banana bread and unpack four more boxes of books. We have a pot of basil on the back porch now, which I am hoping not to kill.)
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Today's major achievement: writing to the Department of the Interior about the ongoing national monument review, which could (and feels designed to) result in the rescinding of federal protection from more than two dozen established national monuments. Rather obviously, I do not believe this is a wise idea.

We live already in a world where it is far too uncertain whether our grandchildren will be able to enjoy the land and the seas as we knew them. )

If you wish to send a letter or submit a comment of your own, the deadline regarding Bears Ears National Monument is the end of this week, May 26th; the deadline for all other monuments is July 10th. Some of the land in question is sacred; some of it is merely irreplaceable. Thanks to [personal profile] truepenny for the heads-up.
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