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Today I got to have my yearly physical in the middle of this extremely unpleasant cold (I came home immediately afterward to cats and air conditioning), so here are a couple of things off the internet.

1. I am sure this guy cannot be cosplaying Strider if only because the machinery against which he's leaning looks too industrial for Tolkien's Middle-Earth, but that's what my brain told me I was looking at and so that's where we are:

2. Jason Shulman's Photographs of Films catches entire movie in single frames. Some of them work for me as freestanding images, some don't. I like how much Dr. Strangelove (1964) looks like spirit photography—the same with Blue Velvet (1986), only in color. If they return to particular sets and angles, you can see it; you get an idea of shot length. You wind up with these ghosts of the director's eye.

3. This is a very good article about the mythology of Robert E. Lee, occasioned by the removal of his monument from New Orleans.

4. This is a beautiful little short film courtesy of StoryCorps and It Gets Better.

5. Hestia when she does not feel like being petted basically pulls a Mordecai.

6. I am not sure if David Cairns is just going through his favorite character actors at The Chiseler, but after Edna May Oliver and Eric Blore he can keep it up indefinitely as far as I'm concerned. "I’m pretty sure a head like that could encircle the globe, if you laid it end to end a sufficient number of times." [edit] He appreciates Aline MacMahon! Good call. How could you not?

7. I really hope the new world's hottest chili pepper wins its flower show next week.

And because I just checked the news, I guess I'll have to watch an open hearing of the Senate intelligence committee sometime after Memorial Day, because I am certainly curious about what Comey is going to say.
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