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A bird's head, formed from a streaming mosaic of scales

Everybody remembers Tanith Lee's The Book of the Beast (1988)? The second of the Secret Books of Paradys, with the rapacious scaled bird-headed demon carried from the Near East to the fort of Par Dis in Roman days? It possessed a centurion, then his son, devouring him into its deadly avatar; then their line was extinguished, except it wasn't? Out of Assyria, an utuk, having as its own form the body of a man, the head of a bird, but a bird of the beginnings, scaled not feathered, from the fifth day of the earth . . .


Okay, technically that is a Romanized image of Horus from the first or second century CE, currently on display at the British Museum as part of a really interesting-sounding exhibit. In keeping with the traditions of Roman portraiture, it's an impressively realistic attempt to represent a man with a falcon's head, with partial results of modern-day nightmare fuel; the inclusion of human hair and ears is striking, as is the way the feathers of the throat transition into the scale-mail of the imperial lorica plumata. The head looks flattened because it is missing the crown it should have supported. It was acquired by the museum in 1912 and I would love to know if Lee ever saw it. The answer may well be nope. Writers have imaginations, after all. But I know what it looked like accidental fan art for when I saw it.

(Given the Assyrian origins, I always figured Lee's utuk looked like a bird-headed apkallu, which if so is unfair to some benevolent guardian spirits. The combination of feathers, scales, and bird-headed human figure just really got my attention here. I am now trying to avoid spinning off into actual fan art, because the last time it took forever.)
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Oh, that's rather gorgeous, and I'm impressed how sharp the detail is given it's limestone.
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I keep flipping between 'Oh, I'd prefer Bast' and 'But Sekhmet!'

(When I'm not thinking of Herne the Hunter).
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I would seriously love to see Set rendered in this style, too. Can you imagine?
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Wow, very cool.

...I feel as though there ought to be more to say, but that's where I am, this Friday evening. I like how the head is flat and wide, in particular, without knowing why.
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That is so cool! Thank you for this post! ^_^
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Oh, wow. This is a seriously fascinating Horus.

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That is stunning. It makes my hackles rise.


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Your apkallu link is the one I always think of as "Tash with a handbag."

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Baynes was really good at Orientalism, which is part of the problem as well as part of the delight.

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He is a glorious demon

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nightmare fuel

(I think it's, in large part at least, that the Romans here were perversely WORSE at making the head look like it actually belonged to a hawk, as opposed to some sort of freaky nightmare beast: something like this actually looks like a raptor.)

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And ears in the wrong place, at that. If they were further back, it would just look like a person in a hawk mask.

I note that people with "hawk-like faces" do not, in fact, look very much at all like hawks, at least not in their actual lineaments. It is much more of a metaphorical likeness.

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The eyes are something else.

love this

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are you a professor of anthropology? or simply a connoisseur of mythology?

either way, i love your play.

it makes me think of the falcon headed sun gods of egypt

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