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Rabbit, rabbit! I recognize that this sculpture by Gosia is named "Evening Glow," but it sure looks like coral growing over a face under sea to me:


I'm here for it. I still think Davy Jones and the crew of the Flying Dutchman are some of the most beautiful things a big-budget summer blockbuster and its shapeless but mythologically powerful sequel have ever unexpectedly handed me.
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My poem "On the Day When Dumuzi Comes Up" is now online at Mythic Delirium.

It was written almost exactly a year ago, at least by the Jewish calendar: it's the ninth of Av again. There are extensive notes at the magazine (including translation from Ištar's Descent to the Underworld), so I'll just say here that the poem is dedicated to Torger Vedeler, who taught me to read Akkadian in the first place. It is a summer poem and I am glad it has seen print in season.
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