sovay: (Psholtii: in a bad mood)
I can't wait to stop being sick. I have had whatever this is since last Sunday and not only did it stop my brain in its tracks, it took any leftover stamina with it. I walked out this afternoon to purchase some goat's milk (for me) and some unscented litter (for the cats) and after the first supermarket (Market Basket was out of non-Febreze litter; I had to go on to Stop & Shop) I was dead on my feet. I slept nine or ten hours last night. I could go back to bed as we speak. It's like having mono, only I don't.

[edit] I just learned that the RSC is doing a three-week series in honor of Ovid in October. That is something else I am totally in the wrong country for (or I'd go to some of it for my birthday), but I still approve.
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