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Autolycus was quite right about bedtime: I slept almost ten hours last night and woke with Hestia beside me. I know I had nightmares, but at least I can't remember the details. Minus the time I left the house to mail some bills and see if a DVD I ordered three weeks ago had come in at the library (no; they have no idea what happened to it; this is the same movie that went missing from the other library that believed it had a copy; I am tremendously amused at the same time as I don't want to have to buy the damn thing to see it!), Autolycus has spent most of the afternoon and evening on my lap. I feel less like constantly keeling over sideways than yesterday, but not actually, you know, well. I should make dinner at some point before I run out of energy. Have some more things off the internet.

1. Aside from its immediate relevance to current politics, I am enjoying everything about Alex Wellerstein's Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog. Its Oppenheimer tag alone is a glorious time sink. I wish I'd known about it when I was writing "The Trinitite Golem." Oh, well. I had books.

2. John Crowley reviews what sounds like a terrific biography of Norman Bel Geddes: "Inside Every Utopia Is a Dystopia." Not actually a depressing book review.

3. I keep running across museum exhibits that (a) closed years ago (b) I couldn't have gotten to anyway. This one (courtesy of [personal profile] handful_ofdust) was the photography of Faye Schulman. All links worth exploring.

[edit] [personal profile] spatch just sent me a link to an entire site full of mostly British actors naked with fish. It's magnificent. Some of the pictures are beautiful; some are ridiculous; there's an ecological rationale; I don't understand how it took me until now to find out this was a thing. I don't know if Miriam Margolyes with a John Dory is your thing, but WHY NOT.

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