sovay: (Lord Peter Wimsey)
Deadlines devour my life again. Yesterday I took time in the evening to pick up a DVD from Robbins Library in Arlington Center—John Cromwell's Caged (1950), a classic women's prison noir which I desire to watch for both research and pleasure—only to discover when I got there that the library's copy had gone missing, possibly as much as two years ago. Tonight I have plans to attend a local Democratic caucus, which is almost certainly the most politically organized thing I have done beyond registering in the first place. (I am not running. I just really want that ethical artichoke in 2018.) Before then, I have to make another deadline.

Courtesy of this conversation, please enjoy album art for this household's favorite indie band:

Photo credit, Rob Noyes. Design, Steve Berlin. Cats, Autolycus and Hestia.
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