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I am still coughing and have not had the mental wherewithal to do much of anything with my night. Have two music videos. Both come from Sxip Shirey's A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees (2017): [livejournal.com profile] handful_ofdust linked Rhiannon Giddens' "Woman of Constant Sorrow" and I found Xavier's "Cinnamon Stick" on my own. Some of the visuals of the latter almost remind me of Derek Jarman. The former is just really great.

I was also impressed by this article on the metrics of the shitgibbon, by which I mean that I read it to [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel and made it all the way to the last word of the next-to-last paragraph before cracking up. The same blog offers a more serious and useful perspective on microaggressions.

The other night in the shower I was revisiting the fantasy casting of film noir Blade Runner and realized that the last time I asked myself the question, I just hadn't seen the actor I really wanted for Roy: a very young Kirk Douglas. He is stupidly beautiful in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) and rewatching Spartacus (1960) last year reminded me of his physical intensity and then I think pairing him with Veronica Lake as Pris would be fun, because she would look exactly, disarmingly like a china doll next to him. He could do the charm and the danger (and the running around shirtless in the rain) and I wouldn't even mind the absence of accent. So that's nice to have cleared up.1


1. The other actor I keep coming back to is Philip Ahn, who was also ridiculously beautiful, with a speaking voice to match. The stills and production photos I've seen from Daughter of Shanghai (1937) tempt me to pair him again with Anna May Wong, and since at this point I believe I have departed entirely from plausible Hollywood casting in the era of the Production Code, then the only thing I can't decide is whether I should cast Canada Lee as Deckard or swap him with Ahn for Roy. I could see it either way. I'd love to get Theresa Harris into this fancast, but she'd have to be Rachael and then the slightly blank quality that made me think of Kim Hunter would disappear. Still want Joan Bennett as Zhora, though.
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And on my way into the Walgreen's where I was going to buy the over-the-counter decongestant I had been prescribed for the bronchitis and blocked ear with which I was diagnosed late this afternoon, I hit an unseen patch of black ice, my feet went out from under me, I dropped like an illustration on terminal velocity and my left knee caught my entire weight, and now I am sitting with my computer on my lap and my leg propped with Ace bandages and ice packs because the gash over the kneecap that bled dramatically through my corduroys was, as I thought, essentially cosmetic and the real damage which I felt pulling behind my knee and down into the shin was the sprain. It was the assessment of the after-hours clinician that I did not actually break or tear anything because instead of falling over shrieking I got up, limped around Walgreen's, made my purchases, and then called urgent care as I realized it was getting more and more painful to walk, but if I can't put weight on the leg tomorrow I need to call their office back. The part that really burns me up is that with all the snowstorms and being sick lately I have been confined to the house and stir-crazy and was really enjoying the opportunity to run around outside in the sunlight, even if it was for a doctor's appointment. Not so much in the near future. I have been offered a cane and it might look dapper, but it's going to be damn annoying. I want a do-over on Valentine's Day.

[edit] And the other prescribed medication for the bronchitis contains dextromethorphan, so I am now coughing, limping, and dissociating. If anybody wants me, I'll be in the World War I novel.
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