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So yesterday our bedroom flooded thanks to ice dams in the gutter over one of the windows. [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel was at work. I woke up coughing my face off, swung my feet out of bed, discovered a tributary of the Arctic Ocean. Water was running down the sides of the windowframe and dripping straight through the blinds at the top. The good news is that it did not run straight into the closet thanks to the tilt of the floor; the bad news is that it still covered a majority of the hardwood and whatever was on it at the time. Three cat toys and our nearly full clothes hamper took drowning damage, along with a manuscript in a padded envelope and a cardboard box Hestia had been shredding to nest in. Five towels gave their lives in the heroic mop-up. (The evening was marked by multiple loads of laundry.) I grabbed the phone charger out of the socket onto which water was spattering because that would have been an idiotic way to die. And all the while the snow kept coming down in huge, sticky flakes and the icicles lengthened outside the window. Currently we have a sort of sluice rigged with a heavy-duty garbage bag which appears to be keeping any further overflow out, but the fact that this happened at all does not make me happy. Broken gutters and ice dams were an issue in the last place Rob and I lived together. The property manager's husband says there will be roofers as soon as the weather's safe for it. I hope that's soon. I have a raw sore throat and I start coughing every time I try to get some real air into my lungs and the news is full of things I need to respond to and I am grouchy.

These isn't a mix so much as a bunch of songs I have been listening to on repeat. I've linked some of them before. I've also been playing Tom Lehrer more or less nonstop, so please feel free to insert your favorites anywhere in this list.

I was raised with the knowledge of the past you hate. )

There are cats in this house and they purr and that's a good thing. Also I can see when I check the page that "An Obedience Experiment" has been shared (as of this post) 181 times and I know that's minuscule by the standards of the internet, but it makes me happy. It is a poem I wanted people to read. So even a little, it's working.
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