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So there were marches on Saturday in all fifty states of the U.S. and more than fifty countries around the world. The pictures are amazing. I was very glad to read that the signs left as a shrine on Boston Common are being archived for their historical significance. "It's a very historic moment, and it is a kind of unique collective expression of a collective action . . . You saw some very traditional protest signs that have been around since the 1960s, but then you saw some references to Princess Leia, and Star Wars, and Harry Potter." And if it's true that the American women's marches were treated more forgivingly by police than equivalent BLM gatherings because of the high concentration of white protesters, then it seems the obvious next step is for more white people to march for Black Lives Matter. Everybody wins.

Last night I dreamed of sand falling from a clear sunset sky. It was pearly and pinkish, as if it had been made from the lip of a conch shell. I dipped up some in my hand and it was warm to the touch. There was a pink light on the horizon, coming up fast; it was in the wrong place for the sun and almost brighter. Everything felt terrible, a head-on shockwave of dread and the knowledge that it was already too late. The sunset was changing color. The sky was sheeting out magnesium pink. I look at the image now and think: way to go, brain, that's some creepy Steven Universe/Rogue One jigsaw. At the time I jolted awake and breathessly recounted it to [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel and realized I had been asleep for maybe forty-five seconds. It's good to know the human brain can be so efficient.

I go to shop for groceries with [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks.
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