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I've got only the one recording of "Bread and Roses." I am basically listening to it on repeat. There is a buttload of photographs under this cut, I am just warning you. There were a lot of things worth remembering yesterday.

Boston Women's March for America, January 21, 2017 )

Signs photographed by me but not pictured in this post include "We Cannot Succeed When Half of Us Are Held Back," "Protect What You Love" (with a photograph of the earth seen from space), "You Can Try to Divide, We Will Rise and Unify," "So Now We Fight for Equal Rights & Justice for All," "Healthcare for All: A Moral Imperative, An Achievable Goal" (with a heart reading "Obamacare"), "Strong Women Scare Weak Men," "Respect My Existence or Expect My Resistance," "Feminist" (held by a young white man), "Build Bridges Not Walls," "Hear Our Voice," "Equality, Diversity, Civil Rights, Activism, Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech" (written over the colors of a rainbow flag), "Si, Se Puede," "If I Make My Uterus a Corporation, Will You Stop Regulating It?", "Never Again" (over the image of a coathanger), "A Woman's Place Is in the Resistance" (over a picture of Princess Leia), "Privileged White Woman Seeking Truth, Justice & Equality for All," "Watch My Back, I'm Under Attack—You Got My Back?" (held by a young black woman wearing a "Not My President" T-shirt), "I'm Not Accepting What I Cannot Change, I'm Changing What I Cannot Accept," "I'm With You," "I Really Hate That Man," "Intersectional Feminism or Bust," "Love One Another/Is the Answer," "South Asians Against Fascism," "You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I'll rise" (credited to Maya Angelou), "Grab Him by the Taxes," "Women's Rights: Human Rights," "The Good Old Days Sucked!", "United We Stand: Women & Men, Immigrants & Citizens, Straight & LGBTQ, Christians & Jews & Muslims & all Religions, Young & Old, Poor & Middle Class & Rich, People with and without Disabilities," "Diversity," "Greatness means equality and equality means no one gets left behind or forgotten" (with a hand-drawn adolescent Lilo and a belligerent-looking Stitch), "History Has Its Eyes on You," "LOVE trumps hate," "Racism Is Not Normal, Fraud Is Not Normal, Misogyny Is Not Normal," "The Flannel Brigade—Representin' VT," "Rebellions Are Built on Hope," "Love is love is love," "Trans Lives Matter," "Fight the 'Alt-Right'," "Love Is Love, Black Lives Matter, Climate Change Is Real, Immigrants Make America Great, Women's Rights Are Human Rights," "Diversity Makes America Great (Not Trump)," "Our Rights Are Not Up for Grabs. Neither Are We," "I Am Not Free While a Woman Is Unfree—We March in Solidarity," "Women Need Not Keep Their Mouths Shut and Their Uterus Open," "A Time for Moral Courage," "Feminism Is for Everyone," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights," "I Won't Stay Home," "Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocious," "My Body, My Choice, My Rights, My Voice," "Love Not Hate," "He's a Bad Man," "Our Children Deserve Better," "5 6 7 8 Don't Assume Your Kids Are Straight," "Say Nyet to Trump," "I March for My Daughters" (held by someone whose gender I have no idea of), "Sushi Rolls Not Gender Roles," "Warning: We Are Syncing Our Periods," "My Arms Are Tired from Holding This Sign Since the 70's," "Hate Has No Room Here—Spread Love," "Thus says the Lord: Love One Another," and "More love is ok." I did not get a picture of the guy who had made a Trump abecedary, of which I remember only that G was for "Garbage-Fire" and Y for "Your Drunk Uncle." He was being mobbed by admirers, which was fair. There were many, many more signs I didn't photograph.

All photographs taken by me except where indicated. Please feel free to share so long as you credit me by name. Point me toward pictures of your own?
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