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I had a very good time at Arisia. Intellectually I think I was happiest with "The Alien in the Alien" and "In Praise of Unlikeable Characters," performance-wise with "Songs of Rudyard Kipling" and the Speculative Poetry Slam, and comedy-wise with "The 100-Year-Old Barbed Wire: The Great War & SF," to which I showed up nearly a half-hour late due to getting trapped by public transit on Sunday morning and therefore allegorically personified the United States for the rest of the panel. I attended this year's genderswapped Star Trek by the Post-Meridian Radio Players—The Naked Time, with a Sulu they had better keep—and even managed to hear a couple of panels that weren't mine. And then because I hadn't really slept for the duration of the convention, I came home yesterday and faceplanted for most of the evening surrounded by purring cats, woke up long enough to eat dinner and watch Basil Dearden's All Night Long (1962) with [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel, and then went back to bed for ten hours. As a result I have gotten almost nothing done today, but I haven't had to catch two buses and two trains to the Boston waterfront, so that's nice. Also the cats.

I found this post while looking for information about Kenneth Macpherson's Borderline (1930): "Algernon Islay de Courcy Lyons & Kenneth Macpherson, Bryher & H.D." The text looks like several different sources combined together, but the photographs are invaluable. This one of Bryher and H.D. from the set of Borderline does nothing to dissuade my interest in the film.

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