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So I know that I spent a measurable portion of yesterday indoors and even sitting down, but my body seems to remember it as a permanent rotation between walking, standing, or running for public transit outside in the cold. As a result, I feel like trains fell on me, may have picked up a slight cold, and definitely have pulled something in my neck. [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel is in bed with a sore throat and not-quite-fever, meanwhile, and Autolycus has started throwing up again (we have a vet appointment set for tomorrow morning). In an attempt not to be totally useless politically, I called Governor Baker and thanked him for taking a stance against Trump's unconstitutional anti-Muslim order. I did not get to any of the other Republicans who have spoken out against the travel ban because the rest of my afternoon went toward working, paying bills, and spending way too much time on hold with Eversource, but I am hoping to get to some of them tomorrow. Positive feedback is important. Congress getting the idea it can push back would be great. (This is another excellent reason for some of those people not to confirm Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General. Anyone who really believes the ban is immoral and illegal should not vote to place in power someone who will unequivocally uphold it.) At the moment I am roasting a chicken with the last of the wild fennel pesto from Zingerman's and preventing Autolycus from licking out the pesto jar. I may try to watch a movie later tonight. I may just stare at a wall.
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Oh, well, and Trump just fired the acting attorney general and replaced her with someone who is willing to sockpuppet for his unconstitutional executive order.

I was going to post about something completely different, but I think I am just feeling rage. The language of that statement is not like anything I have seen out of the White House before, unless you want to count the Nixon tapes, which I think we are already beyond in terms of damage. It is petulant. It is defensive. It is paranoid. And it is full of lies. I don't care if it's coming straight from Trump's tiny fingers or if Bannon jerked the strings to make him type it, it is the speech of a person in the act of betraying their country. Not the woman who was upholding the law. [edit: Exactly as she said she would at her confirmation hearing.] As for her replacement, I don't know if he sold his soul or if he just started his life without one, but he accepted the appointment: I wish him nothing well from now on. May he also be remembered as a collaborator.

Get these people gone.
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