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Whose anxiety is this you've been trying on?

Today was almost ludicrously validating in several different arenas of my life, which is not at all what I expected when I got out of bed this morning. The short course is that my teaching skills have not deserted me, even after a decade rusting and in a field I had never actually taught before, and separately I am looking at a professional opportunity which I am not going to talk about until it has some substance because I don't want to sneeze on it and break it, but the prospect makes me extremely excited. Also people said really nice things about my singing and my writing and they were even different people. I am exhausted but elevated in mood. I am going to pitch over sideways on this couch and stare at a movie or read this book [personal profile] skygiants lent me and play Tacocat's "Grains of Salt" like ten more times.
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[personal profile] cyphomandra 2019-03-24 12:45 am (UTC)(link)
You deserve lots of days like this!
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Yay validation!
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Oh, yay for exciting prospects! And it's always wonderful to discover disused skills are still available for use.

I hope the couch and movie/book are restful. :D
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Three cheers for validation!

And fingers and toes crossed--and no sneezing--for the professional opportunity.
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Thrilled and hopeful. I've crossed everything.

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Hooray for all of this! I hope the professional opportunity comes through. ^_^
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That's grand!

Totally envious of those who had the opportunity to learn from you. And will keep my fingers crossed on the opportunity. THGOLUGJH FINMGEDRS CRSSERSD MAKES TYUPOINMG HASRD...
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Aw, I'm glad! <3

(I don't have my "Your shininess is noted" Silver icon any more, but please imagine I am using it.)
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I only have 15 icon spaces and about 100 fandoms, alas.
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Great soundtrack

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...and your good news and possibilities are well-deserved!

May life continue to surprise in the good way.
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Yay actually good day!
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Hooray! I love teaching more than almost anything else, and I'm, glad you got a chance to do so, and that it went well. And good luck with the other opportunity!
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I am so happy for you and hope everything turns out great!