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Blood is sugar from an open wallet

The doctor listened to me cough explosively for a bit and I explained that it was much worse last night when I was trying to sleep and now I have a bottle of cough syrup with codeine, which I keep forgetting didn't go out with the rest of the patent medicines. I am supposed to take it at bedtime. So that should be exciting.

I got weirdly shouted at in Harvard Square. A man in a car kept addressing me as "sir," escalating in volume when I didn't respond—I thought he must have been trying to get someone else's attention, but there was no one else on the immediate stretch of sidewalk unless you count some swirls of violet-crystal road salt and the potted ornamentals outside Tatte Bakery and Café. I kept walking. Otherwise I did not find any of the used books I was looking for, but I enjoyed moving around outside and not freezing my face off. I may be paying for it in the amount of coughing I'm doing now. This is a stupid cold. Have a couple of links.

1. TCM's Noir Alley has announced its schedule starting next month and I am pleased to see it contains a number of movies I'd like to see, a number of movies I'd like to see again, and a number of movies I haven't even heard of. I meant to write about Border Incident (1949) last spring and this will give me another chance. I'm in favor of Johnny Eager (1942) and especially Jeff Hartnett getting all the love they can. I deeply approve of Cash on Demand (1961) as their Christmas movie.

2. I am braced for the plot to have more to do with Iain Glen and marriages than with Fiona Shaw and MI6, but this gifset has nonetheless sold me on seeing Ruth Wilson in Mrs Wilson (2018) whenever it airs on PBS.

3. Why on earth has no one used Julo Levin's portrait of Ernst Deutsch as a punk album cover? Are we sure no one has?
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ISTR getting codeine for a bad cough a while ago, which, yeah, did feel very old-fashioned! I think it worked, though. Hope you feel better soon.
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I think I was given codeine as a nine-year-old suffering from what the doctors at Vancouver Sick Kids said wasn’t actually whooping cough, but a whooping cough mimic. This happened during a family vacation on the other side of the country, which subsequently became a metaphorical as well as literal trip. I kept passing out and waking up hours later and hundreds of miles away.
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I do recall liking the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC, despite my apparently imminent demise from galloping tuberculosis.
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Cash on Demand is an excellent noir Christmas movie choice.

That portrait would be a perfect Bauhaus album cover.
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I somehow missed that the actor you were talking about last week, playing the nazi captain, was the same performer who’d been the lead in The Ancient Law per your earlier post.

Have you ever encountered Kim Newman’s anthology Famous Monsters? It’s hard to find these days, but you might like it — Newman’s love and knowledge of movies is on full display, but he doesn’t quite give in to the need to fit in *every* historical and fictional character that he indulges to the full in his Anno Dracula books. Anyway, I bring it up because of the title story, in which an old Hollywood character actor looks back on his career. He’s an H.G Wells-style Martian.

So basically, during the periods when Earth and Mars weren’t actually at war, his roles were mostly stereotypical comedy-sidekick parts; during the Earth-Martian wars, he played villainous representatives of the Martian regime his parents had fled. By the end of the story, he’s stepped into a low-budget horror film as a replacement for his old pal Lon Chaney, Jr., who died midway through filming (the scriptwriter hastily added a plot twist to cover this— the mad scientist turns himself into a Martian.)

“It’ll probably be a piece of crap,” our protagonist admits cheerfully; but he just can’t give up show business.
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Wow, that movie sounds sort of demented, but not in a good way.
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:( in general. I hope the cough syrup does some good.
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I recommend The Big Clock. A pretty good noir, upped to excellent by a scene-stealing Elsa Lanchester.
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Yup. I happened to see them in close proximity, even.
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Aw, hope the cough syrup eases things for you!

3. I'm glad there seems to be a good line somewhere you can get at them.
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I think I'd have kept walking too!