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I am unkind, I am unwise, but I'll hit you in the heart

Burns Supper at the Burren: despite the unwanted presence of hell-cold V.20, a success. We saw [personal profile] nineweaving and [personal profile] teenybuffalo and [personal profile] choco_frosh and multiple people not on DW. My throat has not even faintly stopped hurting, but my voice held up for "John Barleycorn" and various choruses, including a plangent "Loch Lomond" by someone whose name I never get even though he reminds me each year of Odysseus in the Iliad, unprepossessing until he opens his mouth. [personal profile] spatch and I went out in drizzling sleet and it was worth it. Now we are home and I am under an electric blanket and I feel this is the right place to be. P.S. There was haggis.
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[personal profile] gwynnega 2019-01-30 05:32 am (UTC)(link)
That sounds well worth braving the drizzling sleet.
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Cool choice of song, I love your delivery. You should know that one of my table neighbors who usually doesn't take much of an interest in folk-adjacent music got excited about your "John Barleycorn" and we pointed her to Gordon Bok.

The "Loch Lomond" performer is named Art. My favorite up-tempo song ("Ramblin' Rover") got done a bit later.
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P.S. There was haggis.
I'm so jealous. i love haggis!