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Swimmer, swimmer in the sea, bring my body back to me

Three separate people have now sent me links to this photoset, but since it documents the transformation of a black dress, a replica of the costume worn by Hanna Rovina when she played Leye in An-sky's The Dybbuk (1920), suspended for three months in the thick salt waters of the Dead Sea until it emerged stiff and glittering, salt-crusted wedding-white as a spirit gathering flesh to itself, grief transformed into union, I don't think any of them were wrong: Sigalit Landau, "Salt Bride."

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That is beautiful.

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O my!

That is yours.

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Those are stunning. Thank you.

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This is magic at work--here's the sea change into something rich and strange--here is garment encrusted with gems that will melt away in the first rain.

(Gorgeous. I'd seen it a few places too)

[identity profile] 2016-08-31 03:44 pm (UTC)(link) I think of this as the cover for a future book by you! (Also, wow, you like Felt!)