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And we are criminals that never broke no laws

It is my seventh anniversary with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. After returning to Boston late last night, I have spent most of today doing nothing but curling up with cats and reading Mummy fic on AO3 and FFN. In half an hour Rush is picking me up and we are heading for a restaurant we love and the sea. Or at least that's the theory, if Autolycus ever decides to get off my lap again in his life.

My poems "Cosmopolitan Bias" and "Dis Genite et Geniture Deos" have been accepted by The Cascadia Subduction Zone. The first was provoked by Stephen Miller's remarks on the Statue of Liberty and kind of turned out a curse; the second is a Dido poem, taking its title from Aeneid 9.641–42. I am very glad that both of them will have homes. Unsurprisingly this year, they are both political.

[personal profile] lesser_celery has announced the table of contents for Not One of Us #58. It has two of my poems in it and I am looking forward to the rest.

Courtesy of [personal profile] choco_frosh: long-lost languages found in palimpsest.

Courtesy of [personal profile] ladymondegreen: byssus in modern times.

I am a terrible person. I must displace a cat.
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Courtesy of [personal profile] choco_frosh: long-lost languages found in palimpsest.

That is hella cool.
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Happy anniversary! ^_^
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Happy anniversary!
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Happy anniversary! And congratulations on the poetry sales.
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Sometimes I believe that Barry will never get off my lap, because why should he? But then eventually he does. And I have another life.