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And dreamt a storm of children passed me by

I have not seen James Whale's The Road Back (1937). I missed the restored version when it screened last spring at MOMA and I don't believe it ever came through the arthouses of Boston afterward, as I had hoped it would. But I just ran into David Cairns writing about the film—his column The Forgotten looks like a magnificent time sink—and was incredibly struck by one of the stills he uses to illustrate his article, because if it were in color I think it would be Paul Nash:


I am reminded again that I have still not seen Journey's End (1930).
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I read the script, which struck me at th time as the slashiest thing ever. The clips I've seen from the tv production with Petherbridge are a bit less so, because when you can see and hear the nerves, Osborne and Raleigh's pre-mission conversation about Alice in Wonderland is clearly them desperately trying to think about something other than the war, rather than a sweet moment of bonding (ok, it's still that too.)
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I see what you mean about Nash.

That or the scene in the shell hole from 'All Quiet'.......