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If we can't face it, we can't escape it

When I finally fell asleep last night, I had nightmares about not sleeping. How unnecessary is that?

1. Yesterday at my cousins' letter-writing party we were talking about how weird it feels to be nostalgic for the twenty-four-hour news cycle. The revolving door has just hit Scaramucci on his way out. At least we will be spared further self-aggrandizing references to "The Mooch," since everyone in this household knows that honorific is reserved strictly for Autolycus and his appealing, sidling, innocent advances on other people's plates, but even so. That was a lot faster than I'd expected.

2. Jeanne Moreau and Sam Shepard have died. For years he looked to me like Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff (1983); I saw her first, of course, as Catherine in Jules et Jim (1962). I will have to find something to watch for the memory of each of them. [edit: I just saw someone on Facebook refer to The Right Stuff as "definitely a guys' movie." Oh, come on. I loved that movie as a child: I think any kid who wanted an astronaut costume for Halloween in fourth grade would. All I can think of is Silverberg, describing another author's style as "ineluctably masculine." Do you want Tiptree? Because that's how you get Tiptree!]

3. I am reposting this picture of Billy Haines because I think it's amazing. Circa 1932, according to Getty Images:

My entire head feels jumbled. Maybe I will test-drive this concept of napping on the couch.
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Wait-- Scarramucci's gone ALREADY?! Did SNL even get a chance to do a skit?
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[personal profile] asakiyume 2017-07-31 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL--news happening too fast for SNL to parody.
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[personal profile] asakiyume 2017-07-31 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
He is right! I'm in the field now, and yup, they have it covered. Meanwhile, in other good news, Joe Arpaio has been convicted
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I need to read the Patreon review this photo is inspired by/referencing, but he looks arrestingly like someone I know, but I'm trying to think who! ... I know: he looks a bit like an older version of one of my nephews! Hilarious. Nice direct gaze ;-)
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How unnecessary is that?


Sometimes I will get up, get dressed, get ready for work -- and then be woken up by my alarm, having only dreamed the forgoing, and feeling not at all rested.