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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-07-30 07:59 pm

I want to talk like Raymond Carver

[personal profile] rushthatspeaks and I just successfully jumpstarted [personal profile] teenybuffalo's car, which had died on the street outside their house. We had jumper cables, two sets of instructions, and no previous experience. Both of us expected the car would growl a bit, we'd check to make sure we hadn't clipped the cables on wrong, eventually we'd call a garage.

It totally worked. Teeny Buffalo has just driven away. (To find a garage, but still.)

I feel a ridiculous sense of accomplishment.
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You must be glowing.

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*high fives*
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[personal profile] teenybuffalo 2017-07-31 01:34 am (UTC)(link)

Seriously, you saved me a lot of money and my composure today. The car is safely at the garage for the night, and tomorrow I hope to find out what was wrong. In the meantime, laundry and sleep. All my gratitude.
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Hooray for people with jumper cables!
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It is magic! Sharing the life-force between two mechanical objects.
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I theoretically _could_ but I'm not sure I'd ever bother, so well done you all!
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Thank you for rescuing our friend!
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In these troubled times, even when doing the right thing is obvious, it is worthy of celebration.
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I am impressed!
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Way to go! You did an automotive Thing, and a friend-rescuing Thing!
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I just happened across this link, if you want further car-repairing tips: