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Then you shall have a bold fisherman to row you on the sea

Rabbit, rabbit! I have just discovered the art of Christina Bothwell. I love this piece, "True Love":

True Love

I love the tinier fish inside the glass of them, the hermit crab, the turtle. I love the way they turn toward one another. They look like the couple on the lid of an Etruscan sarcophagus, only mer. This is obviously an aesthetic I can get behind.
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'Rolling over and over in each other's arms'............ :o)
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Aw, they are rather wonderful!
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Wow, that is beautiful.
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Those are so lovely! They have ancient faces, which I think is part of what makes them appeal to me. And the colors and little sea creatures are **great**.

In Nova Scotia, I got to wade between hermit crab contests, with krill tickling my feet. These merfolk would have been at home there.
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Oh, lovely. I imagine they do.

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Those are amazing.
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They do look very Etruscan!
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I was thinking it even before I read your commentary, even!

(THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. and reminds me I need to PM you about something.)
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Oh wow, that's beautiful!
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Oh, wow, I love this. Thank you for posting it!