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If my path fills with darkness and there's no sign of light

My poem "On the Day When Dumuzi Comes Up" has been accepted by Mythic Delirium. It was written last August when I was living for a month at the Baystate on Mass Ave; I had a bad weekend, read some Akkadian I hadn't looked at in eleven years, wrote a poem drawing on Ištar's Descent to the Underworld (as well as a sex charm and a hangover cure) while thinking about the friend who taught me the language. Learned later that same day that they had just had a stroke. Am very happy to report these days that they aten't dead (and I owe them e-mail), but the timing was unsettling. I was writing about the Anunnaki, not asking them to drop by. In any case, the poem has a home.
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Yay poem!

I'm glad your friend is well.
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That timing is unsettling, all right. But congratulations on the poetry sale!

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Congratulations! I didn't know you read Akkadian. Does one do that in cuneiform, or is it generally transliterated?

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Congratulations! And man, what timing.

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Yay! Though they should really publish it in Summer. It is such a summer poem.
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Not a Sumer poem?

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Whoo hoo! I always approve of Underworld-banished boyfriend resurrection.