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Be running up that road, be running up that hill with no problems

Happy Ides! I just learned that the revised travel ban has been blocked nationwide by Judge Derrick Watson of Honolulu. It is a temporary restraining order issued in the nick of time and we'll see what happens next, but it is a very good start.

[edit] And the Netherlands may not have imploded in their own puff of right-wing anti-Islamism after all, so good for them!
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Sigh of relief over the news from the Netherlands and Honolulu...
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Of course, we need proper follow-through on all of these threads.

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I heard the news from Hawai'i as I was doing the dishes, and gloated. Stand by for more Douchenozzle 45 temper tantrums, stampings, and throwing toys out of his playpen.

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Oh, how I wish. And Bannon and the rest of the clown car horrors firmly sent back to Hell.

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I have an odd affection for Hawaii being the state to block the ban this time. Given that a Brooklyn court was the place to halt the first ban, we've gone from about as far east to as far west as one can within the US.

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