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I wrote elegiac stanzas for you, I hope and pray that they come true

Well, we made the quiche for Pi Day, with Irish cheddar and goat's milk gouda, black olives, and sautéed mushrooms, but the current state of [ profile] derspatchel's dentistry proved recalcitrant, so now he is eating a baked custard, which is also circular. It's all okay.

P.S. Geez, Hugh Dancy, whover passed up the opportunity to cast you as Dorian Gray really missed the boat.

P.P.S. I can't believe someone wrote and staged a play about Oscar Levant—Dan Castellaneta's For Piano and Harpo—and I only found out about it (a) after it closed (b) on the West Coast. Maybe he'll decide to take it off-Broadway. Maybe I'll inherit a teleporter.
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*gasp* Dan Castellaneta! I have hearts in my eyes.
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I momentarily thought "but he doesn't look like Oscar Levant" and then realized I was picturing Homer Simpson, not his voice actor.
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Simon Woods became my dream Dorian Gray after seeing him as Octavian in HBO's Rome -- he managed to do this thing over the course of a season where without any actual change in his physical appearance, he got all cold and hardened.
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Wow, that looks awesome, even if it was way down in CA.

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That sounds like a fabulous quiche, but it's fine to eat an approximation of pie.


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I always wanted someone to retcon W H Auden into Dorian Grey: such a pretty young man, and so devastated in his age. He said "My face looks like a wedding cake left out in the rain," which is almost too MacArthur Park even for me, and yet...

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Oh, I am happy to eat his portion of quiche! ;) It sounds delicious.