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At the court of King Antiochus whose punk rock shows were full of rabid pro- and anti-Zionists

Because I kind of lost track of Monday, I realized only belatedly that today is Pi Day. I seem to have seen it in by rewatching Robert Wise's The Desert Rats (1953) for the first time in almost exactly five years. I am very fond of that movie; it gives good Robert Newton, young Richard Burton, untranslated German (sometimes courtesy of James Mason), and bit-part characters with agency, though this time around its sprightly marching-band arrangement of "Waltzing Matilda" kept confusing me by almost turning into "The Battle Cry of Freedom." I suppose there were some mathematics in it, although mostly in the form of tactics and attrition. This thing where I have developed a bunch of WWII movies as comfort viewing should probably be examined someday. In any case, we have exactly one pie shell in the house and it was just marked out for a quiche. It's circular. It'll count.

My Sunday night blew up so dramatically that I didn't have a chance to post Schmekel's "Homotaschen," otherwise known proudly as the only Purim song I own, or mention the letter-writing Purim party held on Sunday afternoon by [ profile] gaudior and [ profile] rushthatspeaks to which I contributed a tray of hamantashn, two letters, some further signatures, and a sizeable dent in the Cadbury mini egg population. I wrote to AG Maura Healey to thank her for her general awesomeness and to Governor Baker for his support of OUTVETS and his continued skepticism regarding the revised travel ban and while he's on a roll would he please reconsider the Safe Communities Act already? We had graggers and intended to use them any time the name of the current president was mentioned, although that idea went somewhat off the table after the baby fell asleep. I may have been designated Singer-to-Babies. I can live with that.

Speaking of politics, anybody who managed to attend Monday night's town hall with Representative Capuano should please let me know how it went. I am going to take a very hot shower and try to sleep in my own bed.
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and try to sleep in my own bed.

Fingers crossed this involved no unwonted alarums and excursions!

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Was there, got notes, will post some tonight (have to work from home today, argh).

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I will if I can! Dude, I don't even know if it was TV or the internet! All I know is that a friend from Facebook left a comment saying she'd seen me in the meeting and did I want to hang out later and talk about it. Maybe someone was livestreaming the meeting. Regardless, I hope there's evidence.

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Got it! It was a live stream, now recorded for posterity. I'm having the devil of a time linking right to it for this comment. Try this:

If that turns into nonsense, try this:

...and scroll down a bit. You can watch the whole dang meeting, if the spirit moves you to do so. I'm the second-to last question in the lightning round at the end.