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If I've got a leg to stand on, then I'm pretty sure that I can work myself up into a run

I have finally won a meme. According to this Shakespeare performance generator, I am Drunk Twelfth Night: The Musical. I suspect most of my friendlist would watch that. I certainly would.


It has actually not been the best of weeks, but [ profile] rushthatspeaks and I had dinner at Mamaleh's (we had planned on barbecue at the Smoke Shop, but they had a half-hour wait and too many sports TVs) and I got the salmon collar special with black sesame tahini and a lemon-cardamom soda and I keep forgetting to tell the internet about BROJOB, but they are hilariously queer deathcore with a really adorable social media presence and if they are not already collaborating with Chuck Tingle, by God I hope someone has at least introduced them. They give writing advice like "YOU JUST HAVE TO SPEAK FROM THE HEART. THE HEART OF YOUR BALLS." Maybe he can do cover art for their albums.

Speaking of awesome queer music, I can recommend Against Me!'s Shape Shift with Me (2016) almost as strongly as their previous studio album, 2014's knockout Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I've been listening to it most of the afternoon and evening. Where its predecessor was heavily autobiographical about the process of coming out and transitioning, Shape Shift with Me concentrates on what happens afterward, on relationships in all stages from infatuation, hope, and invitation through passionate frustration and full-bore scorched-earth DGAF. I also now own a T-shirt with the album title on it, since as a philosophy it's the kind of thing I approve of. I am going to watch some kind of movie off the internet because I have been having a terrible time doing anything for myself. Tomorrow I make hamantashn.
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I am Superhero Richard III In the (Car) Park!

I can totes buy that, he has been my Tiny Evil Boyfriend for about as long as I've known his play. (Richard II has been my Bi Bipolar Boyfriend for as long as I've known his play.)

(no wait, Richard II was probably bi. Or at least angevin2 convinced me of it long ago.)
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It was the stories about how he behaved after Anne of Bohemia's death, IIRC, as well as his choice of burial site.
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Drunk Henry IV Pt. 1 is pretty much a given. Rewritten by Victor Hugo, I'm not so sure about.
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Drunk Henry IV Pt. 1 is pretty much a given. Rewritten by Victor Hugo, I'm not so sure about.

I don't exactly trust Victor Hugo to be accurate about British history (not that Shakespeare was either), but all the same: I'd read it.
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Drunk Twelfth Night: The Musical would be pretty easy to stage without much change to the standard play... plenty of musical numbers and plenty of drinking already in there!
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Interpretive dance Titus Andronicus in the park. Not so sure about that one.
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I could see it working as an opera.
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I am either Sitcom Othello narrated by Morgan Freeman, or Interpretive Dance Othello narrated by Morgan Freeman. I'm not sure which is worse!

However, if I go with my internet nick, I am Kung Fu Much Ado About Nothing, narrated by Morgan Freeman, which I would watch in a heartbeat.
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Kestrell is rap/hip-hop Antony & Cleopatra, set in the American Revolution. (I haven't yet managed to talk her into listening to Hamilton.)
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Bollywood Taming of the Shrew in the park. Meh. I'd rather see the Bollywood Titus.

Hee! TBD is the Reduced Taming as performed by kindergartners. Perfect!
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Reduced Hamlet in space. Yes, I can accept that...
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Hrum. I get "Nude King Lear In Space". I'm pretty sure 2/3 of that have been done before, but all together? In the altogether? And how's that cosmic storm working out for you, Lear?

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Thanks for the music recs!
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Bollywood As You Like It, as performed by kindergartners.

Frankly, you could just stop at Bollywood As You Like It, but it would be extra adorable watching five-year-olds do gender-bending over-the-top Bollywood style musical numbers.

Chicago brought in a troupe that performed a Hindi translation/adaptation of Twelfth Night for their Shakespeare 400th anniversary celebration last year. It was amazing.

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I got All-female Macbeth in the park. which I think has to have already happened somewhere.

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OMG, I lose: Fascist Titus Andronicus in space. Even space is not going to improve Titus Andronicus.


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That's way too much like real life. (I find myself saying that about everything from That Hideous Strength to Dark Lord of Derkholm lately.)

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I don't want to post mine, but it's pretty boring anyway. Ethel May's would be better: interpretive dance Henry V, either set in the American Revolution, or with music by Elton John (going by her being "just fifteen" at a time that is not long after the summer holidays). "Here's the place," said Ethel -- "Crispin, Crispian's day. How I do like Henry V."

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Actually she was most likely born in October according to "Dating The Daisy Chain" by Hilary Clare, so merely "The Musical," which is duller.

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Unfortunately she's canonically eleven months younger than her brother, who gets a definite birthday of November 29, and there's a reference to a "frosty October evening."

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I started reading DLoD for something-to-read-over-lunch the other day, and just felt that I couldn't stand reading about people being pushed around by an incredibly rich guy who is in power for some inexplicable reason. Not that Chesney is very much like 45 otherwise.

IRT That Hideous Strength, several things come up -- the riots caused by police, the faculty meeting, the propaganda, the bit about "Cecil and I both thought the same thing: we thought it's almost as if we'd lost the war."
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You definitely won that meme.

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I am "Fascist Taming of the Shrew as performed by kindergarteners", which uh, would certainly be something to see! I think I'd get tickets to Drunk Twelfth Night instead.
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All proceeds go toward the future therapy of the cast and crew!

My brain leaps from that line to my favorite high school theater experience, a production of little-known 1960s play _After the Rain_. It's a post-apocalyptic piece about a handful of British people on a houseboat during the Second Great Flood. Which is already pretty cool, but made infinitely cooler by the frame story. It's actually all a play-within-a-play, a lecture being delivered in the context of the society the survivors built, many generations later. And all the actors except "The Lecturer" are actually convicted criminals who have been hypnotized into believing they are these characters as part of their "therapy". In the unlikely event that you get a chance to see this, I recommend it.
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Robot Hamlet narrated by Morgan Freeman! Yep, I'd certainly listen to that one! Thank you!

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Kung Fu Merchant of Venice, as performed by kindergarteners.