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Well, for a woman who's been dead thirty years, she looked very good

We are in the shower. I am very angry. [ profile] derspatchel thoughtfully passes me the soap.

"I can't believe there are still Jews supporting Trump. Israel is not a sufficient excuse. Do we have any Jewish Republicans in the Massachusetts Senate? There must be a local chapter of AIPAC or something. I should call them up. 'Hello! Did you vote for Trump? If so, congratulations! This trash fire is partly your fault! Are you doing everything in your power to oppose his ban on Muslims and refugees? If you aren't, if you had any relatives who died in the Holocaust, I hope they haunt you. Seriously, Great-Aunt Malke, I hope she sits on the end of your bed every night—'"

"A blessing on your head—mazel tov, mazel tov—"

"Yes! And she looks like some kind of giant white-faced accordion1 and she keeps singing from Fiddler on the Roof and you're shouting, 'Stop it, fuck off, it's not the same!' and she's just like 'Anatevka, Anatevka'!"

1. I saw a stage production once in San Francisco with really good puppets.
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I too would like to sign this petition.
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Me too!
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I would like to sign the petition and donate the ghost of my grandma, who lived in Spain under Franco as well as whose father was a refugee of the pogroms. She would be epic pissed.
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she keeps singing from Fiddler on the Roof and you're shouting, 'Stop it, fuck off, it's not the same!' and she's just like 'Anatevka, Anatevka'!

I ACTUALLY just choked on coffee, T pounded me on the back
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Do you mind if I crosspost this?
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And... [community profile] metaquotes!

(I miss the days when LJ Metaquotes was super active.)
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Oooh, nice icon.
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Here via metaquotes, and hear, hear. My Oma would be rolling in her grave.

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This is a fine plan! Get on it, ancestors!

Sounds reasonable to me

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And reminded me of a true story, when I was directing a Coast Guard Academy production of Fiddler on the Roof some 20 years ago. The chorus members didn't have full scripts--only the music for their parts--and many of them had never seen the show, so each scene was a revelation. When we reached the final scene, and they had to sing "Anatevka" as they left the shtetl, one woman cadet burst into tears. "It's so sad! How can this be the ending? It's a musical!" I responded with something like "Because it has to end this way--that's what really happened." She was stunned--she refused to believe me. I had to tell her about my grandparents, who came from similar shtetls around 1905-6.

Those who are ignorant of history. . .

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This is NOT THE SAME, and I do not think it is, but I am currently more than a little tipsy because I woke up remembering that I have to go to work tomorrow and sit between two trump supporters, one of whom is a damn SINGLE MOTHER LATINA WITH FAMILY HERE **DIRECT** from Mexico, and needed booze to get OUT of bed, and so I feel a tiny fraction of this impotent fury. How can people. Just HOW CAN PEOPLE. Ancestors unite.

But this is not at all the same as Jewish support for trump and I just...I support your desire in this. I fully support your desire for this.

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wait until Trump and Co says we have to all wear some kind of indicators of our religion...

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I am reminded that every time DT&Co. tell lies about other people that are precisely true of themselves, I find myself intoning, "Projection, projection!" to the tune of "Tradition, tradition!"