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Almost took my breath away

1. Yesterday's mail brought my contributor's copy of The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom, edited by Joanne Merriam. It is a terrifically tropetastic and genre-bending anthology and I am delighted that it reprints my flash story "And Black Unfathomable Lakes," originally published in Not One of Us #50. I keep forgetting to dedicate the piece to Peter Cushing and Yvonne Monlaur, but it was directly inspired by a Tumblr post of [ profile] handful_ofdust's in 2013 reminding me how much I loved Terence Fisher's The Brides of Dracula (1960). I believe it was written entirely to Vivian Girls' "I Heard You Say" and "Death." The title comes from the film's spoken prologue.

2. I like all of these poems: Eric Basso's "The Nets," Xanthe McElroy's "The Ghost of the Ticket Seller," Erik Campbell's "Great Caesar's Ghost," and Julian Randall's "The Search for Frank Ocean or a Brief History of Disappearing." The ekphrastic challenge is pretty evocative this month, too.

3. Courtesy of [ profile] moon_custafer: "The Curious Case of Dorothy L. Sayers & The Jew Who Wasn't There." I thought from the title that it would have something to do with John Cournos; it interests me that, according to this article, their breakup had little to do with his Jewishness and more to do with her Christianity.

4. Courtesy of [personal profile] umadoshi: 5 Lesbian Mermaid Comics You Need to Read. I really dislike the prescriptive style of headline that has become so common these days, but I can vouch for the love story with tattoos and this selkie comic.

5. In case I have not yet mentioned it, Theatre@First's production of The Spanish Tragedy goes up later this month in Nathan Tufts (Powderhouse) Park. Come for the shout-outs to Senecan tragedy, stay for the stage blood. I have told [ profile] derspatchel that I will bring him some really gory-looking flowers for opening night.

I bought a floor lamp for the living room this afternoon. Autolycus is sleeping on my lap. I will have to purchase a curtain rod and some curtains if I don't want to keep waking from the sunlight every morning. I don't object morally to a morning schedule; it just works better if I can get more than two hours of sleep first.

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Hooray for contributors copies and casual domesticity, and cats!

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Great Caesar's Ghost -- not really related, but one of the weirder episodes of The Adventures of Superman involved someone trying to gaslight Perry White by sending someone in Roman armour to harass him whenever no one else was in the room, claiming to be Caesar's ghost, called up by Perry's frequent exclamations.

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I do love that love story with tattoos, and the selkie comic is excellent.

Yay, The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom!

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I really liked "The Ghost of the Ticket Seller"--nice light touch, and I can see how it would appeal to you. And I **loved** "The Nets" (n.b., currently your link for that goes to "The Ghosts of the Ticket Seller," but I got there with a search--wonderful poem.)