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And I've seen it before and I'll see again

Good afternoon! I aten't dead. I'm just really, really, really tired. Normal service will resume when . . . something.

1. R.I.P. Lucien, a Good Cat.

2. We are not shopping at Stop & Shop, because their workers are on strike. Don't cross picket lines. Let's hear it for Market Basket.

2. Der Yid, the Yiddish-language weekly of the Satmar Hasidim, has strongly condemned ultra-Orthodox anti-vaxxers in a rare dual publication in English and Yiddish: "Senseless! Heartless! Torah-less and Reckless."

The current state of the MBTA may be judged by the following anecdote: I needed to get to Harvard Square yesterday evening, so I walked from Winter Hill to Porter Square because it was faster than waiting for a bus to take me to Davis to catch the Red Line. [personal profile] spatch and I have to get out to Lexington this afternoon for my father's birthday. Wish us luck.

[edit] The punch line: the bus came seven minutes early, just as we rounded the corner. We walked the half-hour into Davis Square.
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[personal profile] asakiyume 2019-04-14 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Strongly supporting the Stop & Shop strikers. Many people in my neighborhood work there--and ANYWAY PEOPLE NEED GOOD WAGES AND BENEFITS.
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I was really pleased to see also taking a strong stance in favor of vaccination.

Our pediatrician didn't think that Kit needs an early second dose (it's usually given at age four), but has started vaccinating babies before their first birthday to give them some protection. And when I get my annual physical, I'm going to ask them to verify my measles immunity status, because some people my age only got one shot rather than two.
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They just posted this open letter from a group of Chabad medical professionals and all their news pieces about the outbreak have also included background info on how awful the disease is and how important it is to be vaccinated. They also posted a very blunt op-ed from a doctor that describes measles symptoms in detail and concludes, "For the uneducated or the supposedly-educated parents who assume the privilege of not vaccinating their kids until now, know this... When someone loses their life to this, it will not be on the head of the medical community; it will be on yours. You will have to answer for this on your day of reckoning." They are not fucking around.

I know we all got TDaP boosters when we were planning to have Kit; I just can't remember whether we got MMRs as well.
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I was very happy to hear my mother say that she wouldn't be going to the Stop & Shop (nearest store to her), although she knows and loves all the cashiers (who know her too) and worries about them. It's only feasible because there are so many other grocery stores around her, though (including Market Basket).

That editorial is very strongly worded! I hope it is read and taken to heart by those it is addressing.
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I'm sorry to hear about Lucien. :-(
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Happy belated birthday to your father!
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"Gonna drive past the Stop & Shop, because the workers are on strike." (Okay, that doesn't quite scan.)
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I'm supporting the Stop & shop strikers, even if boycotting is a bit of moot point for me, since there isn't really a convenient one near me. I'm pretty solidly in the Market Basket camp anyway.
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T on a holiday weekend

[personal profile] lauradi7dw 2019-04-15 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
The Red Line was in essence shut down from a little before 10 this morning until 20-25 minutes later due to "police action at Alewife and Shawmut." I spent part of the time explaining the T map to a Texas family here for the marathon, which devolved into a conversation about Megabus among the people standing near us in the train.
I'm sorry about your bus. I had the opposite experience this afternoon, standing at the #1 stop on Mass Ave by the Hynes green line stop. We could *see* the bus in the distance, but the automotive traffic was so dense that it took it 10 minutes for it to go from Symphony to about Berklee, during which time the dozens of us waiting had observed a cop pull someone over for an illegal left turn, or something, and then a driver getting out of his car to yell at another driver blocking his lane, followed by his companion yelling at him for. The bus driver may not have been able to avoid that schedule violation...

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Re: T on a holiday weekend

[personal profile] lauradi7dw 2019-04-15 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
(yay for cell phones), I called Arthur and we rearranged our plan so that I met him at Clover near Kendall station, rather than 77 Mass Ave. Then I ducked into the subway. Despite Red Sox crowds, I think it was faster than waiting for the fraction of a mile/hour bus. I suddenly remembered that the trip from Boylston to Park via proto-Green line was faster than going by Tremont street, because even then, there was so much traffic on the street that it only crept along.
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That's a great editorial and I also like how it sounds like Yiddish in translation or the post-Yiddish English of the Jews I am fond of when they are wroth.
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Related to two links above: I see at least one local Rabbi has sent out an email that groceries purchased from scabs are NOT Kosher for Passover:
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I'm just really, really, really tired. Normal service will resume when . . . something.

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Except about your father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Your Father!
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Give your father my belated birthday wishes. I'm glad it was happy.

That is a righteous editorial!