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Pennies dropped in pickle jars for an audience with the sky

Drive-by political complaint, mostly reconstituted from comments elsewhere.

I am really unhappy at the news of Netanyahu's reelection. I have wanted a space rock to hit him for at least ten years now, but since at this point I consider him not just a shande fur di goyim but an active engine of destruction like all the other far-right nationalists he admires, I'd have settled for kicking him out of power. I was hoping Gantz would pull enough votes to be able to construct a coalition that wasn't composed of hate crimes. I just wanted some country to pull back from the brink.

I am not sure I can express my unhappiness that the rising climate of global strongmen has obliged me to pay attention to Israeli politics where heretofore I had always been able to say honestly, it's not my country, I know jack. And now I have to know something and someone, somewhere, will adduce it as evidence of the vast obvious web of the Jewish conspiracy and usually here's where I say, come on, if we were running the world I like to think it'd be in better shape, but the Israeli election results are suggesting otherwise. And that means on top of everything else Netanyahu is damaging my ability to cope with bleak situations with black humor and that is a Jewish tragedy.
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(offers sympathetic hand-squeeze, if wished)
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It's incredible how Bibi follows so much of his historian father's rather depressing view of history and uses it to create such awfulness while blaming it on European gentiles.
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I say feh in an extremely vociferous way, because I thought there was a *chance*, at least. Grmp.
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Well, France had a near-miss in the other direction. But yeah, in general...

Personally, I've viewed Israel as a rogue state since...I dunno, the Gaza War in 2008?* Before that, when the peace process stalled out? ...Anyway. So I was hoping that he'd get voted out, but mostly in the same way that I hope the Russians have another revolution and put Putin on trial for crimes against humanity. I wasn't really expecting it.

* I mean, Hamas isn't exactly the SCLC either, but who's got the fighter jets and international recognition as a state? right.
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if we were running the world I like to think it'd be in better shape, but the Israeli election results are suggesting otherwise

*dark laugh*

It's so awful. It's infuriating that he KEEPS GETTING AWAY WITH IT - like, not just ("just") Palestinian protesters being shot with live bullets, but the corruption scandals!!

At least France escaped the nationalism? For now at any rate, I'm worried about what happens at their next election.