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And the freeways lead to the gravel roads, to the town squares and the rodeos

I took a picture of the former warehouse. I'm standing on the bridge over School Street, looking down on the frontage of the right-of-way. I wanted to go down and retrieve one of the bricks (of which there are several more heaps out of sight) as a memorial, but I didn't think I could get behind the chain-link without being seen and I really wasn't sure about the chunks of ancient torn fiberglass strewn all through the jumble (also much more visible from the street). I may see if I can reappraise at a later date. The whole block looks naked.

The Reid & Murdock Warehouse, 1929–2019.
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I know this is a sad thing to lose the warehouse, but I wanted to say there's a beautiful painterly quality to this photo--the debris in the foreground on the left, the curve receding toward the buildings in the background, the bright pop of the red-orange in the bottom right.

(I have been reading an email newsletter by an oil painter who mainly does landscapes and still lifes. I have to ignore half the technique tips because they're specific to oil and I'm a watercolorist, which as far as I can tell is the opposite of oils, but his comments on composition and color and so on have been really illuminating.)
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The surviving buildings standing around over their fallen comrade are very touching.

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I went by later tonight and you could still smell it, fer Pete's sake.

Thanks for taking the camera along.
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Rest in Peace, Reid & Murdock Warehouse.

There's something very anxious making about buildings just ... going. They are the things that are supposed to *stay*, the things we give directions by, the things we mark our walks by. I'm glad you got the photo and that you got to see the graffiti (and that the lion survived).
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It puzzles me that USians grumble non stop about there being nothing old and then proceed to tear down anything old.........
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From twitter, a postcard of the long-gone Winter Hill station
and its approximate location related to the current rubble