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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-03-27 05:29 pm

Yesterday I realized I'd left the back door unlocked for four straight days and nights

I declare today a victory in toroidal foods. I was in Medford for my follow-up with the ENT (which went well), so I stopped by Donuts with a Difference afterward, and then I returned home circuituously by way of Bow Market in Union Square, where I got a hot bagel with salmon belly lox and caper-parsley cream cheese from Hooked. The counterman was one of the owners, a former chef and current fisherman; he told me they're still waiting for the season to really start, but in the meantime their fresh oysters, salmon, scallops, and skate wings looked lovely. They sell smoked and fresh seafood, bowls, tacos, soups, bagels. There is a giant squid with a tangling armful of buoys and irons painted across their wall and much of their floor. And they are about twenty minutes' walk from me.
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Huzzah for toroidal foods!
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The power of squid will triumph over piddling doctors every time.
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ARGH! on leaving the back door unlocked!

Glad to hear the ENT went well and that you got nice things on the way home.
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Ah, well that's good. I don't know that song. Not surprising as the music I listen to is whatever Pat is playing lately. (grin)
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i spent a LOT of time alarmed/concerned until i realized sovay uses quotes to title entries XD
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Thank you! I'm glad it I wasn't the only one who didn't realize that!
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neither am i! it’s perfectly reasonable just sometimes alarming XD
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Twenty minutes' walk is a perfect appetite-whetting amount of walking
with a fine bagel at the end.

...oh, my God, smoked bluefish AND haddock.
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If that place were a twenty-minute walk from me, I would be in danger of eating nothing but fish tacos, chowder, and bagels and lox every day. Which doesn't seem like a bad thing at all.
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yay medical thing going well! and toroidal food too
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I was in Medford for my follow-up with the ENT (which went well)

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So glad that the ENT went well.

I like your spring so far.

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For once my "hey check it" link is not off topic: Pompeiian snack bars
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I thought for a second this meant Pompeiian granola bars or something. Garumnola bars.
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That sounds so good.
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...I really hope I can get to the Land of Toroidal Foods some day, because this is definitely making me hungry just reading it. (We do have good scallops here; a benefit of the lough with such tides at its mouth that the Vikings termed it 'strong fiord', which remains its name to this day).
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I will let you know if I am ever headed Boston-wards.

There is a good little Seamus Heaney centre. As one might hope it has a small but focussed bookshop; I got a nice Faber&Faber copy of his "New Selected Poems 1988-2013", and Marie Heaney's "Over Nine Waves", which is probably the best Irish mythos cycle around at the moment.
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Yay appointments that actually go well! Yay toroidal foods!
Toroidal foods always makes me think of Hittite kugullas, which (in the category of Things Sovay Undoubtedly Already Knows) has been seriously argued to mean donut.

Also, I want someone to open a restaurant called Kugullas. It would serve doughnuts, bagels, and kugel. (Which I guess would require, like, three completely different fabrication processes, but f'it.)
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The kiddie menu could have Cheerios and LifeSavers.
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Just reading the names of all these foods fills me with a sense of well-being, and the painting of the giant squid with the buoys and irons just confirms it.