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Before my shade, I'll hope I've made a faint impression in the sand

My poem "Female Figure of the Early Spedos Type, 1884–" is now online at GlitterShip. It was inspired by the art of Amadeo Modigliani but honestly more by Cycladic figurines and I am delighted that it shares an episode with Rose Lemberg's "These Are the Attributes By Which You Shall Know God."

I had the migraine-caliber headache straight through to this evening, which made for a terrible night and majority of today, but at the moment I appear to have only an ordinary headache, which frankly I'll take. Now that I can look at screens again, I am going to lie on the couch and stare at a movie.
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I look forward to listening to it.

I'm glad your headache has downgraded, at least.
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Yay Whit Bissell!
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Ugh, fucking migraines. Do yours appear to be connected to sinus issues too?
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ENTS can fucking suck. T is obviously horribly allergic to SOMEthing (not cats), and they gave him the baseline allergy scratch test and he didn't respond strongly to anything so they were all "Surprise, you have no allergies!" which is total bullshit AND was entered on his fucking chart. Anyway.

I get headaches which can turn into migraines, and sinus pain which can turn into headaches, but they don't seem to overlap a lot, altho sinus infections/pain seem more likely to trigger headaches. I've had some kind of respiratory/sinus trouble apparently since I was an infant in an incubator. sigh.
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What I had this weekend wound up being functionally indistinguishable from a migraine in symptoms (intensity of pain, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea), but crucially did not behave like one—was not amenable to my normal method of breaking migraines, improved after something that wouldn't have fixed one. That is what I am going to have to make very clear tomorrow.

Wow, that sounds so fucking painful and frustrating. I hope they believe you. (There are some truly terrible stats about how often doctors don't believe women and minorities trying to tell them about chronic pain or even sometimes life-threatening symptoms! W.T.F.)
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I like the poem.

Also, Marissa Lingen had your book in her 'read this month' roundup

Sonya Taaffe, Forget the Sleepless Shores. These stories remind me of a certain era of Elizabeth Hand stories in their beautiful prose, but with somewhat different roots. The ones that drew on Jewish sources were my favorite, but honestly there's not a badly-written piece in here. It still has not disappeared <3
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Eeeee fellow GlitterShip alum! :)

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Thank you, and back at you. I’m usually more coherent than above, truly I am.
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Yay poem!

(I couldn't find it to read because I am really bad at website navigation, but I am glad it is out there!)
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/o\ Thank you for your patience with my ineptness! It's a gorgeous poem; my favorite line was "scratched red as ritual."
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Congrats on the poem! I really do hope the migraine/headache continues to improve. <3
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Very cool! I'll take a listen later today.
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Congratulations, and I love the poem!

Since I am very late in replying to this, I hope by now your headache is long since fixed.