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Though I can't find the words to express it in turn

[personal profile] skygiants has just finished reading Audrey Erskine Lindop's The Singer Not the Song (1953) and I recommend everyone read her review.

I had mostly heard of the book as the source material for the 1961 film, which I have not seen. It co-stars John Mills, but I've mostly heard about it in context of Dirk Bogarde, specifically in black leather pants. I went looking for photographic evidence.

Nothing I have ever read suggests the film is any good, but I see why people don't care.
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... good Lord.
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Phwoar! :o)
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Oh, my. Thank you for that!
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Um. Hi.
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Goodness. *fans self*
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Is there a calendar for this movie
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oh myyyy
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Daaaaaamn. Well, it *was* chilly in my office this afternoon.
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I read somewhere that Bogarde had been led to believe the film would be edgy and European and he'd be playing opposite someone edgy and cool like Marlon Brando- and was really rather cross when he found the guy he was supposed to be in this super-heated relationship with was being played by reliable but unsexy John Mills.
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OMG, you keep bringing up these actors from my childhood. (Though I never saw that movie. Sounds like one my mother wouldn't have let me see.)
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...huh. That's, um, quite a picture
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Nothing I have ever read suggests the film is any good, but I see why people don't care.

I love how you put this. :-) And wow, indeed, those pants speak a very compelling language...
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Well, I was bewailing the lack of good leather trousered folk, but gosh.

.... To quote Firefly, 'I'll be in my bunk.'