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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-03-09 11:59 pm

Revising stories dreamt in half

Today was my mother's birthday. My entire family assembled and made her brunch and gave her presents and then in the afternoon I went to rehearsal and I met up with my parents again in the evening to watch the documentary Apollo 11 (2019), which I hope to write about. I am flat tired and my throat is still trying to secede from the rest of my body, but I had enough voice to sing with and my family is important to me and also it was fun. My father made a yellow cake with layers of homemade strawberry and blueberry jam and chocolate meringue and whipped cream. My mother was very happy with the movie I gave her and the birthday card decorated with cats. My niece helped her unwrap her presents because tearing paper is the best. I am now going to collapse and maybe not move for a day. That is okay.
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[personal profile] gwynnega 2019-03-10 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday to your mother! I'm glad you had fun in spite of your throat.
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Happy birthday to your excellent mother. What a lovely family party! I am so glad that you had the spoons to enjoy the day.

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Happy belated birthday to your mom!

I hope you get some decent rest and feel better soon. *support support*
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It is!

Rest well.

Glad you managed to have a good time regardless!
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I would be happy to read your response to Apollo 11. We probably have watched most documentaries about the Apollo program over the decades, and liked the recent "First Man," a docudrama about Neil Armstrong.
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Maybe your throat needs to wander in the wilderness and come back rejuvenated, with a new vision and sense of purpose about being a good throat that doesn't flirt with nasty viruses.
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Oooh, I've heard very good things about Apollo 11.

That cake sounds absolutely delicious, and sometimes a day of not moving is the perfect solution.