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Eden is flaunting you

I am not having anything so organized or work-free as a vacation, but I have had a very nice couple of days. It is important for me to note them. Saturday after rehearsal I spent hanging out with some people who may become new friends; it was the most socializing I've done in months and it was great. Sunday I mostly curled up with cats and movies and wrote. I made the last of the kelp noodles for dinner with tomato sauce and sardines. Last night's gorgeous snowfull had mostly been shoveled aside into piles of overcast slush by the time I got up, but it drifted thickly onto the telephone wires and our neighbors' overeager motion-activated light did not go off once. I still feel not very present; I would like to be sleeping more and not having repetitive nightmares, but I like the color of the sky right now, dove-blue streaked under the clouds with grey and rose-gold. Last week was a lot of doctor's appointments. It is my intention that this week involve more variety.
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Hooray for a lovely couple of days! ^_^
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it's all right if I'm not running around doing exciting things so long as I am having a nice time.

It really, really is!
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I'm glad you've had such a nice couple of days.
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I've been having a hard time with the vertigo, but I had a really nice evening at the Tam O'Shanter with Lyman on Thursday.
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It had improved somewhat, then got worse in the past couple of months. I'm still getting treatment and having more tests. Hopefully soon I'll start to see some progress again.
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Thank you. ::hugs::
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Well, I'm glad they were nice days - and I hope very much that the coming week does involve you being able to both sleep and do more. <3
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Very well-deserved, down to the defeat of the motion-sensor rave light.

(Kelp noodles!)
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