sovay: (Viktor & Mordecai)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2019-02-10 12:30 am

Say you have the second sight

My appetite has evaporated thanks to the current medicinal cocktail, so I made myself a dessert with a can of sliced peaches boiled with coconut cream and honey in order to have something in my stomach for antibiotics and it was remarkably tasty. I will replenish my store of sliced canned peaches at the earliest opportunity. At some point in the future I will feel like making it again.

I am so very sick of not writing critically about things. That entire area of my brain appears to have gone on vacation without me (have the decency to send a postcard, you bum!) and I want it back. It's been weeks. The rest of this paragraph edited for Tiny Wittgenstein.

I left a comment on Facebook which I think I will want to remember, so with minimal edits for context:

"We were asked as part of the panel after the reading about this question of front-and-centering our own representation in fiction; when it came around to me, what I said is that prior to compiling my most recent collection, I would have said that my characters were relatively neutral sort of lens people, except that then I started reading the thirteen years of short stories and my idea of a neutral lens is apparently Jewish, queer, genderblarghy, okay; I can live with that."

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