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Look at the sky and spot the green

This post composed of links that accumulated over the weekend. I slept another ten hours last night and dreamed of dramatic actions at a wizards' university that did not actually resemble Hogwarts.

1. Dorian Alexander and Levi Hastings, "The Life of Gad Beck: Gay. Jewish. Nazi Fighter." I first heard of Beck two years ago through the chapbook of poems and sketches given him by Manfred Lewin in 1941: Do you remember, when. The comic is poignant, badass, and relevant.

2. David Schraub, "Rep. Omar Says Something Very Important on Antisemitism." On gentile fragility and what it looks like when a person who has been criticized for racism actually takes the deep breath they are so often encouraged to: "Damn, there's a lot of right in here."

3. Oded Wagenstein, "Like Last Year's Snow." A collection of photographs and stories: "In the remote village of Yar-Sale in Northern Siberia, live a group of elderly women. They were once part of a nomadic community of reindeer herders."

4. Anubis was my favorite of the ancient Egyptian gods when I was growing up. Mummies terrified me, but I loved their jackal-headed patron. I really like these two paintings of him by Joanna Karpowicz: "Anubis Dancing," "Anubis with Red Balloons."

5. Courtesy of [personal profile] shewhomust: a Guardian-hosted gallery of Howl's Moving Castle fanart. Okay, technically it's the finalists of the competition to illustrate the new edition for the Folio Society. But it's a great selection of styles and moments.

P.S. Courtesy of [personal profile] rosefox, a couple of nights ago I learned about the efforts of the mayor of Dearborn, MI to censor a local reporter's article on Henry Ford's anti-Semitism. Checking back on the story, I see the decision has really blown up on the mayor. Good. In the immortal words of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, "You don't shoot history in the neck."

It is suddenly springlike this afternoon; the street is full of the quiet, flooding light of Edward Hopper paintings. I may attempt to leave the house and visit the library. I am definitely going to rewatch The Third Man (1949), which has popped up on TCM. I last saw it in college, for the same class for which I read E.T.A. Hoffmann. I can tell when the universe is throwing an actor at me.
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Weather-wise, today is a "coming attraction."

It's been many years since I've seen The Third Man, but who can forget the coo-coo-clock speech?
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Andrew put on the soundtrack the other day.

“They’ll put you in a dither with a zither.”
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Plinky plinky-plink, plinky-PLINK.
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Not connected to any of your above links, but since you have been enjoying the series, have another link, as I embraced my accidental casting and made Bronze:
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I love the paintings of Anubis.
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I had never heard of Gad Beck; I love that comic.
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You may have noticed I am appearing even less in the evenings. I am waiting on a keyboard to connect to the laptop (resurgam internal keyboard). Spaces are hard. Shift is harder. But I wanted to thank you for posting these.
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Been eaten by work but also my extremely misplaced and infernal desire to leyn Torah. In May. Fuck.
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I am glad to see the mayor of Dearborn getting the treatment he deserves.
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Thanks for the Gad Beck comic - news to me, and impressive, if brutal. Now I'm intrigued by his nameless twin sister...
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These are great! I do love that comic.