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Facts are useful in emergencies

Rabbit, rabbit! Forget the Sleepless Shores made the 2018 Locus Recommended Reading List! It looks as though this makes the collection eligible for voting in the Locus Awards, so, you know, if you liked it, go tell the magazine.

I slept very little and very badly: from about midnight until sometime around four o'clock when I woke up coughing and fever-sweating and stayed that way. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

I greatly enjoyed this Twitter thread of U.S. presidents as snack foods.
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That is a deeply weird thread, not least because if one was going to argue against it, or even contribute to it, one would (a) need to know a fair amount about a given past president then (b) know a bit about snack foods and then (c) think it was a worthwhile use of your hours on Planet Earth to combine a+b.

Which is half the point of comedy, I think.
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Now don't die.
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Congratulations on making the Locus Recommended Reading List!

I hope you feel better soon.
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Congrats on being recommended, and here's hoping doctors can recommend something helpful!
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Oh, congratulations! *goes off to see about voting*

(deleted comment)
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I support their Patreon, but I don't suppose they feel that's equivalent. Well, I'll check into a subscription at least. I had to stop reading it long long ago because all the publishing news of six-figure advances and all the glamorous convention photos were making me feel very low. I am marginally wiser now.

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Oh, good, no subscription necessary after all! I'll put off seeing if I'm over myself.

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Congratulations on making the Locus reading list! That's excellent!
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I didn't even know there was an award to be had! I think the big thrill for me is just seeing people's names, yours and others. But hell, if there's an award to be had, then fingers crossed!
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Oh, well done! Sorry about the illness not getting any better though - I hope the appointment helps! <3
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I greatly enjoyed this Twitter thread of U.S. presidents as snack foods.

I felt like Fillmore and Tyler should have been something much, much more regrettable. (Forgettable, yet regrettable.)

But overall, yeah, that was brilliant.