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But you're just sitting there waiting for Joan Crawford to put on her black cowboy shirt again

I spent last night in Providence with [ profile] greygirlbeast and [ profile] humglum; returned early this afternoon for a doctor's appointment and for [personal profile] rushthatspeaks' birthday observed, which was celebrated primarily with a chocolate cake frosted with blue roses which [personal profile] gaudior had procured from Lyndell's, watching Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's The Celluloid Closet (1995), ordering takeout from Mary Chung's, and meeting [personal profile] spatch to spend the remainder of the evening at the speakeasy arcade behind Roxy's Grilled Cheese. I played pinball, skeeball, and Tetris, drank something which was too sweet for my tastes but had a flower and a paper umbrella in it, and have an even longer list of movies with queer content to watch than I started the day with, plus a couple, inevitably, to avoid with tongs. I ate suan la chow show with shrimp. I watched both of my partners play Guitar Hero. I turn out not to be terrible at Tetris. I am extraordinarily tired, but this was a good note for August to go out on. Maybe September (hah) will include sleep.
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Not to mention the dreaded "Tetris dreams".

Playing games can often affect one's perceptions. At times of my life when I was playing Grand Theft Auto, I couldn't see a firetruck without an urge to steal it. Katamari Damacy made me see everything in terms of how big a ball would be required to roll it up. Most recently, The Witness makes me look for complex line patterns to trace in my environment (a tendency that the game itself acknowledges in a climactic video sequence).
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I am chuckling at the notion of wanting to steal firetrucks, and I can well believe that Katamari Damacy would have that effect.
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Firetrucks have a LOT of hit points, and perform excellently as both rams and barricades.