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Alexx Kay ([personal profile] alexxkay) wrote in [personal profile] sovay 2017-09-13 04:53 pm (UTC)

Forum was definitely my first experience of Keaton.

I grew up on the Mostel cast album. As a kid, I loved the film. As an adult, I still find it enjoyable, but have also found that my aesthetics have moved away from Lester's. But my annoyances with him are in this case largely outweighed by the cast and the songs.

Kes and I saw a great live production of Forum. During the Pseudolus/Hysterium reprise of "Lovely", Pseidolus brought out a standing floor fan to make Hyaterium's dress billow in the breeze, then began droping rose petals into that breeze for added romance. Then, (near) disaster struck! The actor playing Hysterium accidentally inhaled one of the rose petals! After a brief coughing fit and some back slamming, he recovered and the show went on. Pseudolus, being well-suited to his role, ad-libbed about the deadliness of rose petals throughout the remainder of the show :-)

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