sovay: (Lord Peter Wimsey: passion)
sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote 2017-09-06 07:04 pm (UTC)

If possible I love this more than the first time you let me read it; it is one of the best stories you've written.

That means a lot to hear. Thank you.

Thank you for the non-binary; I'd love to see you write more first-person narration.

On some technical level, I suspect one was a direct consequence of the other: Roddy's pronouns would have been hell in the third person. But this was also the voice the story came in, right from the start; there was never a chance of it being told from anyone else's point of view.

They've done you proud with that cover and the little bog-plant illustrations.

I knew it was going to be the cover story, but somehow I had failed to realize the level of illustration it was going to get. It really makes me happy.

It makes me want to wear rust-green.

You should. I've seen that coat of yours. You look good.

Thank you again. This is a joy and a wonder.

Thank you for telling me!

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