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your nationality, not your generation

Also possibly not a typical USian in view of WWII - my recollection of the high school US history version of the war (1972 version) was a tiny bit about the Phony war and no mention of Dunkirk. But since then I've been heavily exposed to the Brit-centric view, and I knew rather more, most of it from fiction.
Dunkirk is in the life of characters in Angela Thirkell's wartime series (set in Barsetshire, as her others were, but the WWII books were written essentially in real time, issued the following year, so that contemporary readers didn't know for sure that peace would come as hoped)*. There was an episode of Foyle's War that dealt with the little ships. And the recently viewed and read "Their Finest (hour and a half" is just after Dunkirk, and the movie they are producing is about the rescue.

We certainly weren't taught about the participation of people from Indian backgrounds in either the fighting or the rescue, but there they were, in real life, while not in the movies.

* For this audience, I feel obliged to make some remarks about Thirkell. I know that Jo Walton detested her enough to make the surname of some of the bad guys in the Small Change series a slight variation of AT's. And yet the ones written during the war, while trying to be lighthearted romances, were the best evocation of the dreariness plus constant tension in the home front that I have encountered.

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