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sovay ([personal profile] sovay) wrote2017-08-09 06:40 pm

A house on fire or the rising sea

So, yes, I would rather we didn't nuke North Korea. I would rather we didn't get nuked by North Korea. I would rather nobody nuked anybody and especially not because the man in the White House has gotten bored with dick-swinging and wants to do it with missiles now. Michael Flanders and Donald Swann's "20 Tons of TNT" already plays on permanent loop somewhere at the back of my brain most days.

1. Barbara Cook has died. I was just talking about her on Friday after The Shop Around the Corner (1940) at the HFA, describing Harnick and Bock's She Loves Me to someone who loved the Lubitsch film but had never heard of the 1963 musical. I can't post one defining song to remember her by, because so many of hers were definitive versions—"Glitter and Be Gay," "Ice Cream," "Losing My Mind." She was one of the singers I aspired to, classical training and musical theater. I knew very little about her life until she talked about it. I will miss her voice being in the world.

2. Courtesy of [personal profile] isis: "Serpent Charmer," a vid for Andrew Dominik's The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007). I haven't seen that movie in nine years and those two minutes and forty-three seconds capture much of what I loved about it. I should rewatch it; it is one of my benchmarks for historical film.

3. Courtesy of [personal profile] skygiants: "Clean Light," her vid for Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (2013–). I had to track down the song because it welded itself immediately into my head and I've spent most of the last two days playing it. It's one of the most upbeat apocalyptic songs I've ever heard, which makes it well suited to a goofy, touching, morally complex and intermittently body horror show about rocks and crying.

4. I can't be in New York for a Scarface double feature at the Film Forum on Friday because I have appointments too late in the afternoon, which saddens me because I've wanted to see Hawks' version for years. I might go see To Be or Not to Be (1942) for the second time in theaters this summer, because apparently that's the silver lining of fascism being so much in the air.

5. I found this a useful piece of thinking out loud on the internet: Film Crit Hulk, "On Criticism in the Intersectional Age." Parts of it link up with these posts for me.

6. Courtesy of [personal profile] selkie: Bi Pride in Boston, 1990. There is absolutely no reason I should know any of the people in that photograph—among other factors, in June of 1990 I was eight years old—and yet the Venn diagram makes me feel I should.

7. [personal profile] spatch took new pictures of Hestia: "Sometimes Hestia will deign to be photographed. And sometimes she will make faces as soon as she sees the phone pointed her way. Such is Cat."

I am off to get some sunlight.

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